Philosophy and approach

I'm a strategist who believes companies and brands can make life better for people (while becoming more relevant in their lives) by understanding expectations and finding ways to exceed them. It’s a belief founded in research like this piece from Watermark Consulting connecting customer experience to shareholder value.

Studying technology and modern brands to find the ways they’re re-shaping expectations has made me passionate about identifying ways to resolve the pain points and problems people have come to accept as normal. 

This is pretty important because right now, marketing isn't just about persuading, it's about actually being better. Is it marketing? Is it customer experience? Is it product? Does it matter?

Some things I know how to do and like talking about

  • Audience sizing and persona creation
  • Customer journey development
  • Finding and prioritizing audience needs and pain points
  • Facilitating and guiding ideation sessions/brainstorms/work sessions
  • Prototyping and testing new products and services
  • Influencing without having direct authority
  • Creating prioritization frameworks for features, efforts and channels

Day to day ramblings are below.

Deeper thoughts exist in the Obsessions section.